Hillsboro village Nashville

Top Reasons Why You Want to Live in Hillsboro Village

As Nashville continues to expand and attract more people, Hillsboro Village always seems to keep its neighborhood-feel. While businesses make up a large part of the area, it still manages to capture a part of Nashville that doesn’t seem to changing anytime soon. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you want […]

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People enjoying a great meal

7 Must-Try Places to Eat and Drink in the Nations

The Nations is one of Nashville’s top-most growing neighborhoods. If you’re thinking about making the move, check out these delicious spots nearby! 1) EiO & The Hive: 5304 Charlotte Ave Focused on sustainability and serving Nashvillians healing, nourishing foods that are organic and locally sourced, EiO & the Hive is not fussy on reservations – they […]

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Vintage shot of bike outside store

Best Vintage & Antiques Stores near the Gulch in Nashville

There are so many options for living in the Gulch and just like dogs – residents in the Gulch can’t get enough of fabulous antiques! Adding warmth and character to your new space in the Gulch is a must in creating a home and these 5 antique stores are just around the corner. Don’t go […]

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