Nashville New Home Checklist

Don’t forget to do these 14 things when you move into your new home!

Moving into a new home is exciting and overwhelming. By now you are probably 70% packed with boxes labeled and maybe the Pinterest in you has them color coded with fun tape for each room. If you feel like you still have a lot to do between the old place and the new, ensure you are sharing the tasks with your family, friends, or roommate. Designate someone or, take on the job yourself with making sure the new home is ready. We’ve created a Nashville New Home checklist as a reminder to these 14 things when you move in.

One week before you move in:

  • Schedule with utility company when to turn on water and electric and gas
  • Make an appointment with cable company to schedule tv and internet service
  • Update your address on all your mail (bank, credit cards, friends/family) 
  • Submit a Change of Address with Post Office 
  • Confirm moving date and time with movers 

Download the complete list here

Before everything in your current house gets packed, make a “move box” that includes screws, nails, scissors, tape, glue, drill, hammer, screw drivers, markers, measurement tape, toilet paper, paper towels, first aid kit, snacks, disinfecting wipes, hand soap, trash bags, flashlight, phone chargers, and batteries, etc.

Move-in Day

Relax and enjoy the journey. Drink plenty of water and make sure to take care of all your helpers. Call in pizza and make sure you have plenty of refreshments! 

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