Sustaining Value, Increasing Your Revenue

Investing in real estate is often a long-term commitment, and for that reason, Summit Property Management takes a comprehensive approach when it comes to upholding and increasing the value of your property.

Our Nashville-based, licensed professionals focus on high-percentage occupancy, sustaining and increasing rental and leasing rates, and proactive management and maintenance initiatives that position your investment in the top-tier of desirability and ultimately, revenue generation.

Finally, Summit takes great pride in its ability to effectively handle the day-to-day demands and challenges of property management – so you don’t have to. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Summit has you covered.

  • Property Valuation
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Showings
  • Tenant Screening/Selection
  • In-house Legal Counsel
  • Lease Administration
  • Property Inspections
  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Services
  • Landlord-Tenant Law Expertise
  • Property Accounting
  • Property Sales
  • rent & deposits

    The rent collection and security deposit services are included in our Nashville rental management package and covers the accounting of all finance related issues with your rentals, including:

    • Collection of monthly rent from tenants
    • Activities related to overdue rent
    • Process all rent related communications
    • Receive rents and remit proceeds to clients via direct deposit or US Mail
    • Managing security deposit in separate escrow account and processing disbursement upon move-out, including deductions, if applicable
    • Monthly income and expense statements and year-end accounting
  • tenant placement

    The Right Tenant in the Right Space

    For years, Nashville property owners have counted on Summit Property Management to identify reliable tenants for their properties. Through a blend of long-standing Middle Tennessee real estate industry connectivity, regionally specific and sensitive marketing strategies, and thorough vetting processes, Summit can identify, recruit and service tenants that make sense for you and your property.

  • initial process

    Getting Started with Summit

    Summit clients are often very savvy when it comes to identifying the type of property or the perfect neighborhood where they want to own and rent their homes, condos, lofts, townhomes, and apartments, but they are often less familiar with the necessary process for leasing and selling their properties. Summit can step in and take charge of all the critical tasks and protocols to ensure that our owners are in compliance and that their properties are properly positioned and ready to receive tenants and buyers.